Spotlight On: Deb Canning

A tireless community advocate at Pinellas County Schools

Deb Canning is the coordinator for the 21st Century iClass program at Pinellas County Schools and has been a friend of NOMAD since 2014, volunteering and arranging visits to St. Petersburg schools. Deb is a tireless fighter for what's right and one of the strongest advocates for a group of students who need advocacy most.

deb canning.jpg

Deb was recognized for her excellence and named one of five category finalists (selected from 120 nominees) for 2017-18 Support Employee of the Year in the Pinellas County school system. As iClass Liaison for the district’s Transformation Zone schools, Deb led the classroom support category.

She received the top award as Pinellas County Schools Support Employee of the Year at a luncheon Jan. 12 at Feather Sound Country Club. We can’t think of a more appropriate honor.

We love Deb and are lucky to have her on our team. She works hard every day doing what needs to be done to ensure her "babies" get the love, encouragement, and enrichment they need so that they know they matter. And to us, that matters a lot.