Illustrated Inspiration: “They All Saw a Cat”


Title: They All Saw a Cat  by Brendan Wenzel 

We love this, big love. So this cat walks through the book making its way cover to cover and along the way many other living things see it: a kid, a dog, a mouse, a fish, a bee, and on and on. They all see the same cat, but each sees it in their own way.

Ok so, can we talk about seeing for a sec? Seeing is an eyeball-to-brain thing, right? But it’s also a judgement thing, an idea thing. 


“and the bee saw A CAT. Yes, they all saw the cat”

We love using this book to help kids understand that they might see things differently than their friends, and that’s okay. And with this book we talk about both ways of seeing. People perceive things like color and distance differently, granted not as differently as the way a bee sees things from the way we do but this book is a great way to get kids to start wrapping their minds around the fact that everyone’s vision isn’t the same.

It also helps us talk about how our memories, our stories, and the stories others tell us can affect the way we see things, and that different people have different truths. It helps us to talk about things like experiences and perceptions in a way that even preschoolers can understand. We love to get them to start thinking about the way other people see the world.

  “and the mouse saw A CAT.” 

“and the mouse saw A CAT.” 


“and the fish saw A CAT”

We highly recommend this book. It’s one of the first ones we grab off the shelf when we’re on our way out to meet a new group of kids.

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