art Bus

Photo: Todd Bates

Photo: Todd Bates

We’ll park it. You paint it.

Set your imagination free on our four-wheeled, 500-square-foot canvas. We’ll bring everything you need—brushes, paint, aprons and a NOMAD artist to keep things running smoothly. Click the button at the bottom of this page to contact us for more info.

Event Rate (up to 12 hours)
$1,200 per day + mileage*

Drop-in Rate (up to 4 hours on site)
- for schools, and programs serving at-risk youth and special needs populations -
$800 + mileage*

*$1/mile to and from our home base:
1101 Country Club Way S, St. Pete

Art Lab

Photo: Sara Norine James

Photo: Sara Norine James

Guided Art Projects

We love sending our “art for all” advocates out into the world to work with our friends & fans! Our team of professional studio artists and certified art educators will help you to unlock your creative potential. They know what it takes to guide you through the creative process.

We go to you with everything you'll need: tools, supplies & two professional teaching artists. 

Our rates start at $580 for 1 hour with up to 20 participants.

We customize all projects to be sure they're right for the participants, so every engagement starts with a conversation. Click the button below to get in touch.