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Art is a form of human expression, so we believe it is for all people, not just those with access to the tools, supplies and education to participate. In 2013 artist Carrie Boucher transformed a retired bus into a mobile studio to bring hands-on, open ended art exploration to the world and NOMADstudio—Neighborhood Oriented Mobile Art + Design Studio—was born.

With the mission of "art for ALL', and the help of an ever-growing street team of artists and arts advocates, NOMAD has facilitated 35,000+ interactions connecting people to their creativity—many of whom have little to no access to art programming.


Since 2013 NOMAD has facilitated over 35,000 direct interactions where people engaged in acts of creative expression that they otherwise would not have. This effort is supported by over 100 active volunteers, and two dozen teaching artists, and an art therapist. These interactions include: 

  • 100+ with youth detained at a regional juvenile detention center

  • 1800 with kids in foster care

  • 4500 with students in local Title I schools

  • 1800 with preschoolers living below the poverty line

  • 1400 with residents in halfway houses or domestic violence shelters

It is because of the generosity of people like you that we are able to do this work, and our work is never-ending. Our donors enjoy seeing the direct and immediate impact of their contributions by following us on social media, and patrons receive behind-the-scenes updates on our programs and impact.

If you would like to help us continue getting art to ALL please consider supporting this programming by becoming involved today. You can make a one time donation, or become a patron with a set-and-forget monthly gift:


 We post regularly at all of our events to our Instagram Feed. It’s our best way to keep in touch with how we’re helping out the Community. If you see us around tag us in your posts with #drivingcreativity and @nomadartbus

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